Welcome to the Waler Horse Owners & Breeders Association of Australia Inc. anthe wonderful world of the Australian Waler horse. For more than 200 years the arid plains and rocky mountain slopes of Australia's toughest terrain have witnessed the births of some of the greatest horses to ever have lived. The first, and among the greatest of all, was the colonial horse, now recognized as the Waler. This iconic Australian breed is an integral part of our pioneering Australian heritage. These were the horses who endured the voyage from their homelands to Australian shores, and whose blood and sweat runs thick throughout the very foundations of our great nation. These were the horses upon whose backs carried many a soldier bravely into battle, who fought and died by their sides. These were the first Australian horses. Now, the descendants of those mighty steeds are in imminent danger of being lost forever.

Sadly, due to lack of public recognition, genetic interference and destruction, without immediate preservation the Waler's numbers will continue to deteriorate until they're little more than memory, sustained only in the pages of History books. Here at WHOBAA, our goal is to defend this mighty breed against it's looming obsolescence, and see the Waler once again celebrated as Australia's Heritage Horse, giving it the honor and recognition it so rightly deserves.


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